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Shoes for Foot Problems

Got-to-Have Styles. Hard-to-Find Sizes. Just-Right Prices.

New Mexico Shoes: Your online store for sizes 5 to 16 and widths 2A-6E.

Shoes are mass-produced. Feet are not.

It’s easy to feel forgotten if you have an unusual foot size or suffer from a painful foot condition. That’s because most shoe retailers deal in bulk inventory. It’s just smart business to stock their shelves with the most popular brands, in the most popular colors – and in the most common sizes.

But that leaves customers like you with few good choices from a limited selection of walking and running shoes. How many times have you found yourself out on the edges of most stores’ inventory, settling for the least-painful style or most close-enough size?

You shouldn’t have to settle for end-of-the-aisle, battered-box left-behinds.

You should be able to shop for shoes you want – and as easily and as conveniently as anyone else does.

Now you can.

A Different Experience

New Mexico Shoes offers a different shopping experience. First of all, this site is your online gateway to four of Albuquerque’s leading footwear retailers – SAS,. Whether you shop here online or at any of our store locations, you’ll select from a range of styles and sizes in stock that you just won’t find in most stores or ecommerce sites.


And then there’s the personal touch. Associates at any of the New Mexico Shoes member stores are trained to create the shoe-buying experience you’ve been missing.


Our associates won’t gloss over or dismiss comfort issues brought on my uncommon foot sizes and dimensions. Rather, they are the focus of our relationship, and the goal is to pair you with the most comfortable, stylish shoes available.

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