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7 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Running Shoes Online

Posted on June 08 2020

7 Tips to Help You Buy the Right Running Shoes Online

More and more Americans are picking up running as a routine exercise to keep fit. As you pick up your newly found workout regimen, you’ll require a critical piece of equipment: running shoes.

The right pair prevents foot problems and injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and heel pain.

Here are some tips to help you purchase running shoes online.

1. Measure Your Feet

Most runners make a mistake by running in shoes that don’t fit. The wrong shoe size leads to long-term injuries and irritated toes. Place a piece of cardboard on the floor, trace your foot, and use a conversion chart to find the exact shoe size.

2. If unsure, buy Half-A-Size Up

Finding the right fit may sound basic, but it is a key feature to maintaining your feet’s health. The right running sneakers should fit snuggly. Ideally, there should be a thumbnail of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. However, don’t go for overly big shoes as the sliding may increase the risk of blistering.

3. Know Your Feet Pronation

Every runner has a unique gait that affects how their feet roll in as they run. Most people have an over-pronation where the feet roll in excessively, transferring the body weight to the edge. Take a quick wet-foot test. Wet the sole of your feet and place it on a dry brown grocery paper bag. If you have a high arch, you can opt for neutral shoes. A flat foot may require stability shoes due to their over-pronation.

4. Cushioning

The best running shoes should provide ample cushioning as you exercise. The cushion allows you to perform better and reduces the risk of injury. Depending on your running patterns, choose a shoe that will absorb the shock and reduce the stress on your feet. Most shoe stores have sneakers with minimal, neutral, and stable cushioning.

5. Running Techniques

Consider your running surfaces and patterns before heading to the online shoe stores. Road shoes are perfect for pavement running with cushion support for better shock absorption. Trail shoes have a different outer sole with treads that offer better grip and comfort. If you intended to train for a marathon, a stability shoe is preferable. Shorter distances may do well with a flexible pair.

6. Function vs. Fashion

Don’t be carried away by the pretty colors and designs that you find in the shoe stores. Footwear manufacturers always come up with attractive designs and colors, which may not necessarily translate to an excellent running pair. Always go for comfort over style. The right pair should offer flexibility, durability, and support.

7. Visit Various Running Shoes Online Shops

Online shoe stores stock a variety of running sneakers that vary in brand, design, and type of shoes. Most shops place running sneakers in categories such as motion control, stability, lightweight, and trail. Check if the store has a return policy. Most stores allow you to return the pair within 45 days from the shipping date.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose the right pair for your running routine. Use these tips as a guide to buying the right running shoes online. Are you ready to get out there? Check out for various sneaker pairs for every type of runner.


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