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Find the Right Running Shoes Online

Posted on October 02 2020

Find the Right Running Shoes Online



Your feet. They support you and carry you through your life. You stand on them, walk on them, run on them. They bear the brunt of your weight and take a beating — and yet, we often expect them to perform optimally in ill-fitting shoes. 

Health experts argue that we should spend far less time sitting and more time on our feet, getting our daily exercise. But these activities can be uncomfortable, even excruciating, if you’re wearing poorly fitting shoes. But how can you find the right footwear when you have a rare shoe size or a painful foot condition?

You’ve been to countless shoe stores only to be told that they just don’t carry any shoes in your size. You’ve ordered running shoes online by the dozens, only to send them all back. They’re too loose, too tight, or chafe in sensitive parts of your foot. And if you do manage to find that elusive great-fitting pair of shoes, you don’t like how they look or they just don’t offer enough support.


Getting the right fit

 At New Mexico Shoes, we understand the challenges you have been facing. We believe all feet deserve a great pair of running shoes — ones that look and feel great. Browse through our selection and you’ll find name brands like New Balance, SAS, and Brooks, in sizes 5-16, widths 2A-6E! And in a wide variety of styles and colors that fit your personal taste and exercise needs.

Ordering the correct size is usually a guessing game, at best. That’s why we have devised a very detailed sizing chart to help find the right fit for you, every time. Speak to one of our customer service agents, who will be happy to help you find the right shoe for your foot size, lifestyle, and fitness needs. Give us a call at 505-393-3880 between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm or email us at We’re ready to help!


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