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How Do You Know When Your Shoes Are The Right Size?

Posted on August 18 2020

How Do You Know When Your Shoes Are The Right Size?

Your feet carry you your entire life. Engaging in preventative care of them is critical to your health and well-being both now and in the future. Choosing a shoe that is right for you is important. Wearing the wrong size shoe can lead to various foot issues down the road.

There are various ways to decide whether or not your shoe size is right for you, and which shoes best fit your lifestyle. It is important to be proactive when choosing your new pair of shoes, as it is estimated that 75% of Americans will experience foot issues at some point in their lives.

Foot Pain

If your feet consistently hurt, you may not be wearing the right-sized shoes. Foot pain can make life miserable and difficult, so it’s critical that you choose correctly sized shoes. If you’re experiencing numbness, arch pain, and a sharp pain along the entire length of your foot when active you are likely wearing the wrong size. Always measure your foot at a shoe store, instead of assuming a shoe will fit.

It is important to get orthopedic shoes that are tailored directly to your feet in order to rectify these issues. Therefore, various shoe stores can assist you in purchasing these specialized shoes for people with foot problems.

The Wrong Shoe Could Possibility Cause Long-Term Irritation

Long-term irritation is inevitable if you wear the wrong shoe for an extended period of time. Such issues that could arise included damaged toenails and bunions, which can get increasingly irritating over time.

If you experience persistent foot issues, it is important to research shoes for people with foot problems. Be sure to visit a reputable shoe store that carries these types of shoes, perhaps an orthopedic shoe store for people with foot problems.


Neuropathy is one of the most serious issues related to wearing the wrong-sized shoes. It is difficult to treat and is a permanent condition. Oftentimes, neuropathy appears in the form of a sharp pain, where your feet become numb. This is usually a condition experienced in older people, as it is a result of wearing improper shoes for a number of years.

Purchasing Shoes For Foot Issues

Shoes for foot issues are important. They are oftentimes breathable and provide the maximum support possible. Furthermore, if you play sports or are a runner, it is important to purchase custom running shoes with soles made especially for your feet.

No matter how active, or which type of activities you participate in, proper shoes are crucial to the health and well-being of your feet. If you experience foot pain you may have been wearing the incorrect shoe size for a number of years and it is time to make an adjustment.


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