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If Your Shoes Hurt Your Feet, They Aren’t the Right Size

Posted on June 01 2020

If Your Shoes Hurt Your Feet, They Aren’t the Right Size

Did you know that one of the primary factors contributing to hurting feet is poor-fitting shoes? Three out of four people over the age of 65 tend to wear shoes that are too small and do not fit their feet well. When you do not have proper fitting shoes for your feet, you are in for a world of hurt! Most people don’t realize they aren’t wearing the right-sized shoes. This is especially true for people with wide feet. Do you know if your shoes are the correct width? Many people were either born with feet that are wide or have feet that may have become broader with age. It can be difficult to find extra wide shoes when you have a foot that is wider-than-normal.

What Causes Wide Feet?

If you have wide feet there is typically nothing to worry about. But what could cause feet to be wide? Sometimes you’re just born with wide feet. People with flat feet tend to have wider feet.

Age can also be a factor. As you grow older, the tendons and ligaments in the human body loosen and your foot can grow wider and longer. Foot deformities such as calluses, hammertoes, or bunions can also cause a foot to become wider.

Pregnancy with its influx of hormones can cause joints and ligaments loosen. Pregnant women could develop larger and wider feet especially in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters.

The medical term for swelling, edema, is another cause for feet to become wide. The swelling may be temporary and could go away when treated, but until then your feet require extra wide shoes so feet are kept healthy.

Minimize Problems Associated with Wide Feet

Have you ever worn the improper size of footwear? Shoes that do not fit right can lead to foot deformities. Studies have found that 63%-72% of people are wearing shoes that do not fit the exact length or width of their feet. A proper fitting can be helpful. You can find extra wide shoes at online shoe stores like as well as brick and mortar shoe stores. Wearing a narrow-fitting shoe can cause more problems with your feet than you want to deal with. When you can minimize those problems, why wouldn’t you? Switch to extra wide shoes and shop for shoes for foot issues to ensure you are getting the best possible fit for your feet.

Get Comfortable Shoes for Foot Problems

Nothing is worse than not being able to walk or run comfortably. Having extra wide feet does not have to be a problem when you purchase comfortable wide-width shoes. It is important to have your feet measured to get the correct fit for shoes. Whether you wish to purchase running shoes, sandals, loafers, or dress shoes the right width shoe is available from online retailers, like that cater to people who need wide-width shoes.


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