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The Correct Shoe Width Makes All the Difference

Posted on May 27 2020

The Correct Shoe Width Makes All the Difference

Nearly 87% of people in the U.S. have had painful feet at some point in their lives. Every pair of feet is unique, and come in all different shapes, sizes, and widths. This means that it takes different types of shoes to fit the size and shape of all these different feet.

The shape of the foot is also dependent on varied climates, foot conditions, and the change in activity levels. If your shoes are not the correct size and width, life can be very uncomfortable and the wrong shoes can actually cause problems. You may need 6e wide shoes. It all depends on the actual size of your feet.

There are different shoe widths? 

You may not know it but shoes come in different widths as well as different sizes. These widths are designated by a letter coupled with the size. For example, size 6e shoes are extra wide shoes.

The number before the ‘e’ refers to the size and the ‘e’ refers to the precise width of the shoes. The letter “e” designated one of the widest shoes available. Now that you know this information, you’re ready to find your fit using our fitting guide. If possible, it’s a good idea to visit our store to get your precise shoe size. In-store shoe fittings use devices like the Brannock Device to determine the proper ‘size’ of your foot.

What Is the Fitting Process Like Exactly?

The fitting process involves a few different measurements. First, you’ll be measured foot from heel to toe. Then a measurement for the arch is taken from the ball to heel. A final width measurement is then taken along the outer side of the foot. It is important to understand that both feet need to be measured to find the ideal width and size.

Knowing this information can help you choose the right size of shoes for better comfort and foot health. Purchasing shoes of the wrong width can make your foot feel tight, cramped, and just overall uncomfortable. When you are in the store, you should always try shoes on before you purchase them.

Find Comfort in Extra Wide Shoes Purchased from Online Shoe Stores

Whether you are looking for running shoes online or shoes for foot issues, ordering the correct width is going to make all of the difference in the world. You may need wide shoes that provide enough space for your foot to fit comfortably.

Wide shoes tend to look just like standard shoes but are deep and wide enough for people who may have swollen or wide feet. The overall goal is to wear shoes wide enough so your foot can function well. 

When the time is right, we invite you to any of our area stores for a great fitting. After you ascertain the size and width that is right for you, feel free to order online from We have many styles available in various sizes and widths. We’ll be happy to help you find your next favorite pair of comfortable shoes!


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