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Top Benefits of Getting a Shoe That Fits Properly

Posted on July 20 2020

Top Benefits of Getting a Shoe That Fits Properly

If you have not been sized for shoes, you’re missing out on extreme comfort! Did you know that your feet can actually be different sizes or that shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand? To learn more about the various benefits associated with getting your perfect shoe, continue reading!

One Foot Can Be Larger Than the Other

Human beings are not symmetrical. Your nose may lean to the right. One eye may be higher than the other. One of your feet can even be larger than the other! Due to this natural asymmetry, you may struggle to find a pair of shoes that can fit both feet — so get fitted and find what suits you best.

Your Running Shoes Can Make a Difference In Your Distance

If you’re wearing the wrong sized running shoes, they may cause discomfort, thus distracting you while you’re exercising. If you’re running a race or triathlon, every second matters so make sure to find the perfect pair of running shoes.

Shoe Sizes Can Vary From Brand to Brand

Clothes and shoes are not the same size across the board. There are slight variations within every brand. Therefore, if you want to ensure a perfect fit, opt to get measured if switching between brands.

We’re always happy to lend a hand! Our salespeople will be more than happy to measure your feet.

A Perfect Pair Ensures Comfort

Lastly, a perfectly fitting pair of shoes will secure your comfort. If your shoes are too big, you may struggle to walk properly. When they are too small, they can constrict your feet and cause painful blisters and sores. Shoes that are too tight can also cause your feet to sweat more than usual.

But worst of all, too-tight shoes can lead to ingrown toenails since they overcrowd the toes. These ingrown nails are painful, and removing them can be quite costly and uncomfortable to boot.

Shoe Stores Can Help You Determine Your Perfect Size

Don’t just guess your shoe size! Online shoe stores are fantastic for the convenience factor. But sometimes you need to step into one in-person to get fitted for the perfect pair. If you need to visit a shoe store for a fitting, make sure to purchase a pair as a way of thanking them for helping you find specialty or extra wide shoes.


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