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What Makes Size 16 Shoes Special?

Posted on July 07 2020

What Makes Size 16 Shoes Special?

Do you have problems identifying the appropriate extra size shoes? Below are the top six reasons why size 16 shoes are all you need.

Reduced Risk of Developing Nail Problems

Nail and fungal complications are common among runners. These problems occur when the sides of the nails pierce the surrounding skin. Tight running sneakers exert pressure on the sides of the toes, pushing the underlying skin into the nail plate.

Foot trauma and injuries caused by tight footwear create a point of entry for pathogens existing on the skin. The entry of these pathogens causes more distress to your nails, so running becomes difficult.

Unlike ordinary sneakers, size 16 shoes will leave some allowance for free movement of your toes. This breathing space prevents the emergence of fungal toenail infections.

No Place for Corns

Corns are an accumulation of dead skin that mainly occurs over bony areas of the feet. Prolonged pressure on specific parts of the feet also causes them.

A hurting toe or foot is the worst nightmare for every runner. The best way to avoid this pain is by acquiring extra wide shoes that match the size of your feet. Online shoe stores are reliable places to buy these types of shoes.

Reduced Risk of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by fungal species living on the skin surface. The condition is characterized by inflammation, intense itching, and flaking of the skin. Although hygiene plays crucial roles in preventing the condition, the running sneakers you choose matter.

The fungus thrives in damp feet that are tightly covered. Wet toes act as a breeding site for this disease and will, in the long-run, affect your training activities.

Modern-day stores have sneakers for foot problems that can get your running activities back on track. Never shy away from asking for size 16 shoes if that is what it takes to meet your daily running goals.

Low Risk of Collapsed Arches

A collapsed arch is a long-term condition that occurs after prolonged use of inappropriate footwear. In this case, feet press down against the ground while running. Because the footwear is too tight the ligaments that support the arch are strained resulting in flat feet.

In the case of collapsed arches, the damage is permanent and can be difficult to correct. However, there are shoes for motion control to protect your feet and arches from further strain.

No More Joint Pain

Joint pain is a challenge for most runners that is closely tied to the choice of running sneakers. Just because a shoe fits you perfectly, it doesn’t mean that it guarantees the much-needed support to your feet.

Sometimes, that sneaker won’t offer the needed support resulting in joint pain. The shoe type you pick should meet the minimum set standards. If extra size shoes are the best way to offer needed support, then buy them.

Shapes Your Mind For the Best

Your brain plays a key role in determining your performance in any activity. Your concentration level, on the running track, will determine whether you will win or lose. Minor issues such as toe pain can disrupt your concentration, making it hard to train properly. Before setting foot in the running track, be sure to wear the right gear.

Final Word

It is essential to take good care of your feet. Appropriate footwear with proper room and support gives you a chance to walk and train over long distances and stay healthy. For more information on shoes for people with foot problems, contact us today.


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