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Motion Control Shoes Prove Comfort Is the Most Important Part of a Run

Posted on August 07 2020

Motion Control Shoes Prove Comfort Is the Most Important Part of a Run

Did you know that the human foot contains ¼ of all of the bones in the body – that’s 52 bones all together? Feet have the important job of carrying people everywhere they go. There are many activities that involve physical activity with the need to be comfortable. Running is one of those activities. If you are a runner, you need to make sure you’re wearing shoes for motion control to ensure that you get the most out of every run you take. You can purchase running shoes online from caring shoe stores that want to make sure your overall need for comfort is met.

A Runner’s Stride Is Their Signature

Every runner has a unique stride but all strides will fit into a few categories. Pronation is the factor distinguishes runners’ strides from one another. What is pronation? It is the inward rolling of an ankle when the foot meets the ground. Most runners have a certain degree of pronation that is considered normal, and the foot is able to absorb the shock. Sometimes the absorption is too much or too little. If this is the case for you, you need shoes that can help to correct your running stride. You need shoes for motion control.

Have You Ever Heard of Shoes for Motion Control?

Shoes for motion control are meant to limit excessive foot motion by decreasing the precise extent of pronation. Running shoes designed with motion control have medial support to improve the stability of your foot while reducing the degree of pronation. There isn’t a specific pair of running sneakers that is perfect for everyone. Each runner has different needs. When you shop for sneakers it is important that you choose a good pair for running that matches your precise shoe size and personal preference while keeping your specific degree of pronation in mind.

Enjoy the Advantages of Running with Motion Control Shoes

There are actually quite a few advantages of using motion control shoes for running. If you over-pronate they help to reduce the risk for injury. Podiatrists often suggest using footwear that will prevent injury like motion control shoes. Of course, you still want to make sure you focus on size, comfort, and style if you prefer a specific looking type of running shoe. Motion control sneakers do a great job of triggering your quadriceps so they grow stronger. This type of running shoe also lessens the risk of dealing with patella-femoral pain syndrome. The term refers to runners that over-pronate and end up with foot and leg problems. Motion control running shoes can help with those types of problems. They actually keep feet from becoming too fatigued and give steadier activation for lower leg muscles too. Overall, motion control sneakers help to reduce the overuse of a few specific muscle groups.

Motion control shoes tend to be more durable than most other types of running shoes. If you are a heavy runner, and you have flat feet, motion control shoes are more suitable for you. You can even find motion control within broader categories of running shoes. Look for different types of running shoes with motion control options, and be sure to include motion control in your description when asking about the ideal running shoe at shoe stores.

Should You Get Motion Control Running Shoes?

If you're a heavy runner, with severe over-pronation, you'll find you perform better in motion control shoes than most other types of running shoes. You should always be aware of the shape of your foot and your running stance before purchasing sneakers. The same goes for comfort. Whether you take long or short runs, you don’t want to be in pain. Motion control lets you run without worry.